Glorified Angels Part 2

They are created higher than men. When John was going to kneel before an angel, the angel told him not to because we are all but servants of God, and we should ONLY worship Him. Holy angels and men serves only one God and that they should help each other like brothers and sisters. Men […]


Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible tells about his ascension. He suffered and died, resurrected and ascended to heaven and at the right side of God in His throne. He is now given the Glory, the Name above all names, King of kings and Everlasting God! Praise be to the Son of God, Jesus Christ! […]

Ancient Egypt

Joseph once had a dream. He dreamt to be God’s chosen servant to lead Egypt. Famine has spread throughout the world, and only he could help the people to have grain to satisfy their hunger, for seven years.  We all know the story of Joseph, “The Dreamer.” When he was young, his father loves him […]

Holy Angels Will Fly

How far have you fallen? How hard you fell? It hurts? Why don’t you ask God to lend you a hand and raise you up? In all humility, I would like to ask you how merciful God really is. He is a loving Father and a loving Husband. He would leave the ninety-nine sheep and […]