The Beatles – You Never Gave Me Your Money

Let’s just step back one minute into the time machine and remember the last time you gave me your money. Nadda! None! Zilch!

Why? Because I need that money for myself (for Pete’s sake), I want to buy that perfume I’ve always wanted! Money for us is NEVER enough. We have small amount, it’s not enough. We earned a little more, and it’s still not enough. After 50 years, we earned a fortune, but it’s still not enough. It’s like man is born to acquire more wealth and never be satisfied. We toil day and night and it’s still… empty.

The song, “You Never Gave Me Your Money” by the Beatles, highlights the importance of giving. Giving not only to relatives and close friends, but we must give unconditionally to all, for every penny that we make belongs to God. We are just stewards of God’s creation. “I am putting you (man) in charge of the fish, the birds, and wild animals.” Therefore, we must take good care of what God has given us for that is a gift from God.

When we become greedy, life will be lonely and difficult. We are always frowning at others and our minds is as narrow as they are. It is contagious. God will never give us the fruits that we must eat, our days are cloudy and dark. We stumble on something we don’t know, for we are blind.

The Light is God. Jesus Christ is the Light of the world, so we may see. Cherishing all the good things that He promised us, but not all is smooth sailing. There will be tests, and temptations, for life is purposed to fulfill our allegiance to Him. A test of Faith. We give to others even though we have none; we give to God even we are poor. The sacrifice is never gone unrewarded. After all that we have and gave it to God.

Spotify Song You Never Gave Me Your Money by The Beatles.