U2 Lights Of Home

When I first heard this song, I immediately asked myself, “What kind of guitar is that?” Probably a slide guitar that is being used for cowboy movies, and it’s pretty awesome! It’s like the string had its rings detached because of wear and tear and sounded like the rings echoes through the wire. Well, definitely this is just an opinion and hearing this song gets me going. “Rip it up!”

The Light lets me see the good on things where darkness is, and darkness lets me see who we are. My body is a home where the Spirit moves me. It guides my path and leads me to places I’ve never been. The Light shows me where I should go, the Light is my treasure because it gives me strength. I should be dead, but I am alive with the Light inside me. I believe the best days are coming, oh yeah, it is coming everyday. Sometimes I feel I’m in the dark, groping, making my way and stumbling; it hurts bad, but the Light never leaves me always there to make my heavy burden light.

U2 – Lights Of Home