J.S. Bach Italian Concerto BWV 971 Movement 2 Year 1735

This is my remixed (dance) version with the music score from Musescore by xjossy.

Experimenting on FL Studio I bought years ago with Harmless plugin.

I love Bach’s work. He is truly one of the greatest composer of all time for me. He really influenced my music like other countless artists I hear everywhere. Music is life! Music is everywhere and in our hearts.

What I love the most about Bach’s music is his elaborate use of different instruments in harmony simultaneously. It’s so hard to memorize that you have to listen to it several times before you get it (some you won’t). Classical music per se is so hard to listen to because of its sophistication and grandeur. Obviously, it was composed for people in high places like kings and queens, royal families and aristocrats that we should be thankful today that everyone could listen to all those masterpieces even if we are common men.

Music should love. And, the love we take is the love we give.

Composed by: Johann Sebastian Bach 

Remixed by: Fernando Cuevas Jr.