Ancient Egypt

Joseph once had a dream. He dreamt to be God’s chosen servant to lead Egypt. Famine has spread throughout the world, and only he could help the people to have grain to satisfy their hunger, for seven years. 

We all know the story of Joseph, “The Dreamer.” When he was young, his father loves him more than his other brothers, and they become jealous of him because of his dreams. Because of this, they threw him into the well in the wilderness and later sold him to Ishmaelites. He served as a servant of Potiphar, the king’s palace guard. He was tested and tempted, thrown into prison. But, he also interprets dreams. After several years, he interpreted the dream of the king about seven years of abundance and seven years of famine. The king gave Joseph his authority to be in charge of Egypt and stored a fifth of the crops during plenty. Then, as predicted, the famine started. The famine spread throughout the world, but thank God, Joseph has enough grains to sell. 

Because of the famine, Joseph’s brothers came to buy some food in Egypt, but they didn’t recognize him. Joseph tested them by putting his silver cup on Benjamin’s sack without their knowledge. Judah by his word, would rather be slave to them so Benjamin could return to their brothers. 

After Joseph’s brothers told him about their sins against him a long time ago in that well, and after his testing, Joseph found out that they are repentant of their sins. Joseph forgave them by revealing himself to them as their long lost brother. You could almost see their faces in shock, even their old father. 

Joseph urged them to leave Canaan and live with him in Goshen where they will have everything they needed. And, they lived happily.