Black Friday?

Question: Why, oh why, did we associate death with black?
Answer: Because we are asleep when dead. When we close our eyes, we do not see anything, for it’s just… black! The absence of light is dark and darkness is the black color. It is something we dread because when there is darkness we can’t see anything. It is like night without the moon, or stars, or light from the lamp posts.

I’ve never been blind, but I know that blindness is hard. You need someone to guide you and help you. Every step is scary; afraid to take a step. This is what you call spiritual blindness. If you have no light in you, you are in the shadows where evil lurks, and demons chase.

However, I am in the light or should I say, the Light is in me. Evil and demons are scared of the Light, and every step is an adventure; going on a journey that is full of excitement. I love the Light; it’s much, much better. The Light also moves me and inspires me when composing music. It gives me that joy of praise, worshipping Him that is in me. It gives me that sense that there is no time. Like I am forever in eternity singing songs where time is irrelevant. There are no deadlines; no schedules; no hurry just pure joy!

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