At a twinkling of an eye, the dead bodies will form into another and ascend up into the heavens. For this is just a shadow of what is to come.

The Beatles – You Never Gave Me Your Money

Let’s just step back one minute into the time machine and remember the last time you gave me your money. Nadda! None! Zilch! Why? Because I need that money for myself (for Pete’s sake), I want to buy that perfume I’ve always wanted! Money for us is NEVER enough. We have small amount, it’s not […]

U2 Lights Of Home

When I first heard this song, I immediately asked myself, “What kind of guitar is that?” Probably a slide guitar that is being used for cowboy movies, and it’s pretty awesome! It’s like the string had its rings detached because of wear and tear and sounded like the rings echoes through the wire. Well, definitely […]

Glorified Angels Part 2

They are created higher than men. When John was going to kneel before an angel, the angel told him not to because we are all but servants of God, and we should ONLY worship Him. Holy angels and men serves only one God and that they should help each other like brothers and sisters. Men […]